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We are investigating using NServiceBus for our ESB implementation. We have several external partners that do not use Microsoft technologies. Is there a way of routing using NServiceBus to a SOAP or REST service and then accepting the message as processed based on the response from the service.

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Yes, you can have a service expose a WCF endpoint to accept a Command, process it, and return an error/return code which is then delivered in the web service response.

Check out the article How Do I Expose An NServiceBus Endpoint As A Web/Wcf Service? on the NServiceBus support site, but be aware that as of NServiceBus 4.0 (currently in beta) the Webservice option the article mentions is being removed, as Microsoft has officialy declared ASMX web services to be a "legacy technology".

That aside, a WcfService should work quite well for this scenario.

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