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I have a small, yet annoying problem with regex. The input string (C#) to parse is like the following:

( "Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet" + "Maecenas fermentum commodo leo.", "aaa", 120 )

I want regex to match string between first " and before first comma that is after " so I want to find:

Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet" + "Maecenas fermentum commodo leo.

So far I came up with:


but the result is:

Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet

Any help will be appreciated!

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Your regex doesn't even look like it's trying to match up to any comma.

Did you maybe intend to match a comma after that second quote?


You should also be careful of inputs such as

( "Lorem ipsum dolor\", sit amet" + "Maecenas fermentum commodo leo.", "aaa", 120 )

as funky things like that are hard to deal with using only regex.

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Thank you, but what if input string is: ( "Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet" + "Maecenas fermentum commodo leo." ) And I'd love to see solution that handles input as you proposed. –  chrisz Mar 29 '13 at 20:08

You can try making the separating comma optional:

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