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Is there a way in R to have a variable evaluated as a column name when creating a data frame (or in similar situations like using cbind)?

For example

a <- "mycol";
d <- data.frame(a=1:10)

this creates a data frame with one column named a rather than mycol.

This is less important than the case that would help me remove quite a few lines from my code:

a <- "mycol";
d <- cbind(some.dataframe, a=some.sequence)

My current code has the tortured:

names(d)[dim(d)[2]] <- a;

which is aesthetically barftastic.

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can't you do colnames(d)[2] <- a or even names(d)[2] <- a but I find the explicit former to be safer. – Tyler Rinker Mar 29 '13 at 19:59
+1 for correctly using the word barfastic – artfullyContrived Mar 29 '13 at 20:01

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> d <- setNames( data.frame(a=1:10), a)
> d
1      1
2      2
3      3
4      4
5      5
6      6
7      7
8      8
9      9
10    10
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Is structure(data.frame(1:10),names="mycol") aesthetically pleasing to you? :-)

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