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I'm building WCF service where one OperationContact should consume string array on input.

The POST request is build from jQuery with $.toJSON function and looks like


I create contract like:

bool function1(string userGuid, List<string> userOrganization, List<string> userCostUnit, List<string> userGroup);


bool function1(string userGuid, string[] userOrganization, string[] userCostUnit, string[] userGroup);

But nothing seems to work. I just get 500 Internal server error. Is problem with input data (json data)?

Can you please tell me how should function deceleration looks like, to makes this work.

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Check the web server logs for more info on the error causing the 500 response. – d91-jal Oct 15 '09 at 9:17

Your contract doesn't match your JSON (for example, the JSON member is called "user" but you use "userGuid" in the contract).

You can do, for example:

[WebInvoke(RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)] [OperationContract] bool function1(Guid user, List data1, Guid data2, List data3);

You may also need to play with WebInvoke.BodyStyle to make this work - I think it should be "Wrapped".

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I implement serializeObject function from this answer… but in fact it doesn't work with multiple select items :( – AnzeR Oct 16 '09 at 6:27

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