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I have a small snippet of my code below ..I am not able to insert into error_log table ORA_ERR_TAG$ column.If I remove the variable v_errblk then it works fine. How can I achieve the variable information in the tag.

     v_errblk NUMBER (2):= 0;
    v_errblk := 1;
    v_errblk := 2;
    update ....
    v_errblk = 3;
    insert into test3
    Select * FROM   test1
      WHERE  EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM   test2 WHERE  test1.Abc = test2.abc)
     LOG ERRORS ('ERROR BETWEEN BLOCK:' || v_errblk || 'AND' || v_errblk + 1||'') REJECT LIMIT UNLIMITED;

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The v_errblk + 1 is hurting you here. I originally thought it was a limitation of the LOG ERRORS expression, but if you try something as simple as this it will fail with an ORA-01722: invalid number:

select '1 + 2 = ' || 1 + 2 from dual

Try putting parentheses around v_errblk + 1:

LOG ERRORS ('ERROR BETWEEN BLOCK:' || v_errblk || 'AND' || (v_errblk + 1))

Also, I'd get rid of the trailing || ''. It's not needed.

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WOW..ur the man...thanks a lot Ed..It worked fine after your changes...Thanks a ton –  Raj A Apr 1 '13 at 17:58

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