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I'm using Grunt with the grunt-contrib-copy plugin. Recently a new version (0.4.1) was committed which has a nice new feature that I'd like to take advantage of. But, when I try to update using npm update grunt-contrib-copy, nothing happens.

Here's my current version:

$ sudo npm list grunt-contrib-copy
UI@2.0.89 /Users/username/src/project/UI
└── grunt-contrib-copy@0.4.0 

Here's my update attempt:

$ sudo npm update grunt-contrib-copy

No output -- and npm list still shows 0.4.0.

Verifying the latest version available:

$ sudo npm info grunt-contrib-copy
npm http GET
npm http 200

{ name: 'grunt-contrib-copy',
  description: 'Copy files and folders.',
  'dist-tags': { latest: '0.4.1' },
   [ '0.2.0',
    ... other versions snipped ...
     '0.4.1' ],
   [ 'tkellen <>',
     'cowboy <>',
     'shama <>' ],
   { '0.2.0': '2012-09-10T22:26:15.048Z',
    ... other versions snipped ...
     '0.4.0': '2013-02-18T17:24:36.757Z',
     '0.4.1': '2013-03-26T20:08:14.079Z' },
  author: 'Grunt Team (',
   { type: 'git',
     url: 'git://' },
  version: '0.4.1',

  ... other config info snipped ...

   { shasum: 'f0753b40ae21bb706daefb0b299e03cdf5fa9d6e',
     tarball: '' },
  directories: {} }

What am I missing here? Why won't npm update this plugin to the currently available version?

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Currently there is an open issue in NPM which talks about same thing. npm update does not update devDependencies while npm install works fine.

So what I can recommend is try to use npm install instead:

$ sudo npm install grunt-contrib-copy --save-dev
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Using install did the trick. Thanks for the pointer to the open bug. – Doug Harris Mar 30 '13 at 3:39
Is there a quick way to just update all devDependencies? – curtisblackwell Aug 18 '13 at 12:22

You could look at …

npm install grunt-dev-update --save-dev


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sudo npm update grunt-* seems to work fine now.

The issue is now closed.

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