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I'm trying to create an unordered_map whose key would be a member of the Gdiplus::Color class and a float but i can't figure why i can't do this. This is my declaration

std::unordered_map<std::pair(Gdiplus::Color, float), std::shared_ptr<Gdiplus::Pen>> mymap;
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You've used the wrong kind of brackets for your std::pair type. Template arguments should be given in angle brackets:

std::pair<Gdiplus::Color, float>
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wow. thank you. i was looking at the make_pair declaration which used ()...that explains a lot. thanks a lot – Michael Afonso Mar 29 '13 at 21:00

Your syntax for instantiating the std::pair class template is incorrect: it should be

 std::pair<Gdiplus::Color, float>
 //       ^                     ^

With angular brackets instead of parentheses. Therefore, the whole declaration becomes:

    std::pair<Gdiplus::Color, float>, 
//           ^                     ^
    > mymap;
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