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I receive the following error from an MSBuild task on TeamCity.

The element <ParameterGroup> beneath element <UsingTask> is unrecognized.

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This can occur when your project is configured to use a recent version of NuGet but the MSBuild version being used by TeamCity is old and doesn't support some new NuGet features.

Change the MSBuild version and tools to at least 4.0

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Your project is targeting .NET 3.5, so to fix the problem you needed to update the visual studio version in the build configuration parameter property of TeamCity to VS2010 or VS2012.

TeamCity build from VS2008 to VS2012

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It was QA: I pose a question I know the answer to but SO system sucks and doesn't mark my answer. Your answer is right (thanks) for a Solution step, mine was for an MSBuild step. – Luke Puplett Mar 31 '13 at 19:23

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