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How can I allow my PHP file to only load in an iframe?

For example:

  • Pervent direct access: example.com/Loader.php
  • Allow iframe access: <iframe name="TEST" src="Example.com/Loader.php"></iframe>
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you might be able to do this in js but not with any html/php script –  Class Mar 29 '13 at 22:35

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You wouldn't use PHP for that. Try javascript.

if(window==window.top) {
    // not in an iframe
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what about if someone turn off JS in the browser? –  Grasper Mar 10 at 19:35
If it's critical that the file only be displayed in an iframe, then block access to it unless you are sure. The only way to know if the page has loaded in an iframe is to check on client-side. –  Richard Mar 12 at 15:24

Supposing that you have file file1.php that have an iframe within and this iframe point to file2.php

code supposed for the file file1.php:

<iframe src="file2.php" width="500" height="100"></iframe>

content of the file file2.php:

echo "This file exist in an iframe";

So let update the file1.php to the following code :

$_SESSION['iframe'] = md5(time()."random sentence");
<iframe src="file2.php?internal=<?php echo $_SESSION['iframe'];?>" width="500" height="100"></iframe>

and also update the file2.php as following :

if(!isset($_SESSION['iframe']) || !isset($_GET['internal']) || $_SESSION['iframe'] != $_GET['internal'])
        die("This page can be accessed just from within an iframe");
//Continue processing using your own script

Try this and tell me if this works or not :)

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This would still allow for the page to be opened outside the iframe. As long as file1.php is not refreshed, you can execute file2.php with the correct internal-variable. –  Marty McVry Mar 30 '13 at 19:02
How may it be opened outside the iframe ? if the $_GET['internal'] value will not been generated from elsewhere ? Please can you be more clear in your note or just you are pointing on hijacking sessions ? Note don't forgot that i am unsetting the $_SESSION['iframe'] variable so i cannot really find how it may be accessed as you say please explain what you mean :) –  Last Breath Mar 30 '13 at 19:06
If one would copy the URL to file2.php from the source code from file1.php, he/she could paste it in the address bar and the file2.php would open eitherway. –  Marty McVry Mar 30 '13 at 19:09
Ok, missed that. :-) My mistake. –  Marty McVry Mar 30 '13 at 19:10
please can you try coding 2 files by the sample code i mentioned here and try what you are supposing it will give anyone the ability to access the file2 from outside an iframe Really i cannot find your point of view because as i say that the $_SESSION variable and in the first time the page is accessed within the iframe it will be unset so if you copy the url from the source and put it in the adress bar you would not have privilege because the $_GET variable passed is an old session variable and it is not valid Please tell me if i am thinking wrong :) –  Last Breath Mar 30 '13 at 19:15

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