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The problem with submission of data in my form through GET is that the url length gets exceeded. So I switched to post.

Instead of using gems like will_paginate which I would tried and failed to use via POST call, I am doing something like this.

<%= link_to "Next", {:controller => "orders", :action => "advanced_search", :method => :post, :page => params[:page].to_i+1, :filters => params[:filters], :limit => params[:limit]}%>

The problem is that despite the method being post, it still merges params to the url itself. I basically want it to submit the form again, with the new page parameter. But without the params populating the url.

I would really be glad, if anyone could help me out with this.

UPDATE: The url looks like


I trimmed the url from the center. The browser throws up the error - Request-URI Too Large

UPDATE 2: I am now using this which is NOT WORKING. (I was presumptuous that it would work before properly testing).

<%= form_tag :controller=> "orders", :action => "advanced_search", :new_params => params.merge(:page => params[:page].to_i+1) do %>
          <%= submit_tag 'Next' %>
   <% end %>

While this sends the new_params, it still changes the URL despite the form method being POST. It wraps the data in the form action link as orders/advanced_search?new_params.............. URGH!!!!

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What do the URLs look like? –  jason328 Mar 29 '13 at 23:54
@jason328 - Just update the question. Look towards the start/end of url for the other params. –  Pratik Bothra Mar 30 '13 at 0:03

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Adding :method => :post to a link does not make it a post request. It simply adds a GET variable named method.

link_to will not create POST links. link_to creates <a> elements, and unless you're using JavaScript in there, the browser will execute a GET request.

In order to use a POST request, you will have to use a form.

I would try to see if there's another way than to pass all those variables. It's always nice to be able to paste/bookmark the link to a page.


Try something like this

<%= form_for :orders, :url => order_advanced_search_path do |form| %>
  <%= form.hidden :filters, params[:filters] %>
  <%= form.hidden :page, params[:page].to_i + 1 %>
  <%= form.hidden :limit, params[:limit] %>
  <%= form.submit "Next" %>
<% end %>
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Thought that :(....It's very similar with the button_to. I just want to update my page param, and call the controller when the user clicks next. What would you do to make that happen? –  Pratik Bothra Mar 30 '13 at 0:42
If there's no way to pass less variables, then use a form. –  gmalette Mar 30 '13 at 0:55
Why the -1 if I may ask? –  gmalette Mar 30 '13 at 1:07
It's not me...But there you go for trying. I made it back to 0. I have updated my question, can you help? –  Pratik Bothra Mar 30 '13 at 1:08

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