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I'm using C++ Builder 2009 project which I'm trying to internationalize using korzh localizer plugin.

When I run my application and try to Initialize the language menu, I get an Exception of:

Project abc.exe raised exception class ELUInvalidResLibrary with message 'Invalid resource file format "C:\path\to\exe\abc.exe"'.

I find the resource reference to the executable seems a bit goofy. Any ideas?

Progress Update:

I have another project which is translating properly. So I referneced it. I noticed I was missing the abc_klr.res file in the project, so I added it and it got me past that exception on the LocalizerOnFly->Init(), but I get a similar exception when trying to change the language. The difference is the executable is no longer referenced and instead I get a "" as the resource reference... Below is a screen shot:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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So my problem was fixed in two steps:

  1. Add the resource file to the project then rebuild.

  2. Clean the project and deploy directory of any translation related files, then refresh the language files.

Things are groovy again.

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For new projects, I found that you also have to modify some of the compiler settings, otherwise you may have issues with the bpl references:… – VenomFangs Jun 14 '13 at 17:52

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