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I wonder if it is possible to make an Objective-C project (no UI, no simulator is needed, hosted on Github) to be built on Travis?

Current Travis docs seems not to contain any information regarding the option to have Objective-C projects built on Travis.

But Building a C Project says that:

Travis VMs are 32 bit and currently provide

gcc 4.6
clang 3.1
core GNU build toolchain (autotools, make), cmake, scons

and that default test script is run like

./configure && make && make test

So, to rephrase the subject question:

Do any workarounds exist to make SenTestingKit test suite, that my project currently uses, behave like a C test suite, so it could be treated as such by Travis VM?

NOTE 1: Here is the list of resources, which seem to be related to the question:

Compiling Objective-C without a GUI. It claims that Both gcc and clang compile Objective-C 2.0 and that sounds very promising!

NOTE 2: I suspect that it is possible to use some testing tool other than SenTestingKit: this tool should be easy to be run without a GUI and without xcodebuild etc: I've opened related issue for that: Is there any non-Xcode-based command line testing tool for Objective-C?. I am even thinking about writing an easy one just to be used by my project.

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MacOS or iOS application? That will make a big difference, since iOS applications need a simulator to be running. – Sulthan Mar 30 '13 at 0:03
I built it for iOS app, but it is not related to any UI, GUI... Currently I run my SenTestingKit suite using default "Xcode + SenTest test target" setup and so simulator opens, but only to run SenTests. The code itself does not do any UI operations! – Stanislav Pankevich Mar 30 '13 at 0:12
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A few days Travis announced that they are now also supporting objetive-c projects. See Building An Objective-C Project for more info.


It is even possible to make Travis launch the simulator so that you can run application tests and UI related stuff. I required a little extra work, but it's pretty straight forward. I wrote about it here.

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