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Recently I read the source code of strongswan. And I found this piece of script in one Makefile.am. I didn't see plugin_LTLIBRARIES before. I searched on the internet. Most of the result is Makefile.am files. Is is a M4 macro or a buildin variable? What's the usage of it?

noinst_LTLIBRARIES = libstrongswan-socket-default.la
plugin_LTLIBRARIES = libstrongswan-socket-default.la
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Any automake variable of the form foo_PRIMARY installs to $(foodir). $(plugindir) might be set via AC_SUBST in configure.ac.

m4 isn't used in handling Makefile.am. They're parsed with automake, a perl program, because the logic involved in building the Makefile.in template is much more subtle than straight macro expansion.

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I found ARG_WITH_SUBST([plugindir], [${ipsecdir%/}/plugins], [set the installation path of plugins]) in configure.ac. Right? –  louxiu Mar 30 '13 at 13:32
Thanks, I see . –  louxiu Mar 31 '13 at 1:33

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