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I am working through the One Month Rails class with Mattan Griffel and I was having an issue with Imagemagik (getting the following error when trying to upload a photo with a style applied in pin.rb - xzy image not recognized by the 'identify' command) and saw on another post that this issue had to do with Imagemagik install on my local machine and that the application should work (with uploading pins in the correct size) when deployed to Heroku. So, I went back and updated my github and pushed the master to Heroku. When running the db migration I got the following error:

PG::Error: ERROR: relation "pins" does not exist : ALTER TABLE "pins" ADD COLUMN "user_id" integer

It looks like the pins relation doesn't even exist? Before debugging the issue with Imagemagik I'd love to get the application running on Heroku. Any thoughts?

Github - https://github.com/jrlundberg/omrails Application - http://still-scrubland-2791.herokuapp.com/



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In your migration 20130319034336 you are trying to add a user_id column to a table pins that does not exist. Change the migration to:

class AddUserIdToPins < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    create_table :pins do |t|
      t.integer :user_id
    add_index :pins, :user_id
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