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I'll try to be the shortest possible. I have these DATA TYPES in my program.'

  pha = (SenoraBlanco, SenorVerde, SenoraCeleste, ProfesorCiruela,
    SenoritaEscarlata, CoronelMostaza, Biblioteca, Cocina, Comedor, Estudio,
    Vestibulo, Salon, Invernadero, SalaDeBaile, SalaDeBillar, Candelabro,
    Cuchillo, Cuerda, LlaveInglesa, Revolver, Tubo);

  a = Candelabro..Tubo;
  h = Biblioteca..SalaDeBillar;
  p = SenoraBlanco..CoronelMostaza;

  sbr = record
    arma: a;
    habt: h;
    prj: p;

  game: text;
  sobre: sbr;

And I want to read this line from a file and then assign it to fields of the variable sobre, type sbr:

CoronelMostaza Candelabro Vestibulo

Essentially this is what I'm trying:

sobre.prj  := CoronelMostaza;
sobre.arma := Candelabro;
sobre.habt := Vestibulo;

And this is what I've tried so far:

ReadLn(game, sobre.prj, sobre,arma, sobre.habt);

I'd tried turning off the IO check with no result, the closest I've got to the answer of this problem is assign the first word to the first variable, but always end in either an error or empty variables. Please help me and if you will, give me an idea of what's happening behind all this!

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The text file you are reading from, does it contain the ordinal values or the names of type pha? In this case 5 15 10 or CoronelMostaza Candelabro Vestibulo. – LU RD Mar 30 '13 at 8:45
The text file contains the names in pha and some integers i have to read too. The names are also in subtypes p, h, a separately. – Josepas Mar 30 '13 at 10:42
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Assuming the text file contains the type literals of type pha.

Declare a a text constant containing those literals:

  phaStr : array[pha] of string = ('SenoraBlanco', 'SenorVerde', 'SenoraCeleste', 'ProfesorCiruela',
    'SenoritaEscarlata', 'CoronelMostaza', 'Biblioteca', 'Cocina', 'Comedor', 'Estudio',
    'Vestibulo', 'Salon', 'Invernadero', 'SalaDeBaile', 'SalaDeBillar', 'Candelabro',
    'Cuchillo', 'Cuerda', 'LlaveInglesa', 'Revolver', 'Tubo');

To get an integer index of one of those string literals:

function IndexOfPhaStr( const aStr : string) : integer;
  aPHA : pha;
  Result := -1;
  for aPHA := Low(pha) to High(pha) do
    if (aStr = phaStr[aPHA]) then
      Result := Ord(aPHA);

The file contains text information, so you will have to translate the text into your data types. A simple example using TStringList in


  i : Integer;
  sList : TStringList;
  s : String;
  ix : array [1..3] of integer;
  sList := TStringList.Create;
  sList.Delimiter := ' ';
  System.ReadLn(game, s);
  sList.DelimitedText := s;
  for i := 0 to 2 do
    ix[i+1] := IndexOfPhaStr(sList[i]);
  if (ix[1] in [Ord(Low(p))..Ord(High(p))])
    then sobre.prj := pha(ix[1]);
  if (ix[2] in [Ord(Low(a))..Ord(High(a))])
    then sobre.arma := pha(ix[2]);
  if (ix[3] in [Ord(Low(h))..Ord(High(h))])
    then sobre.habt:= pha(ix[3]);

If your text file contains more information, do a text conversion for them as well.

PS. I'll leave the error handling as an exercise.

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Thank you soo much! – Josepas Mar 30 '13 at 14:19

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