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This snippet shows my problem nicely:

JSfiddle - sorting table

Important parts:

<tr ng-repeat="result in results | orderBy:predicate" ng-class="classRow($index)">

$scope.classRow = function(i) {
    return $scope.results[i].size > 9000 ? 'highlight' : '';

As you can see, the index always goes from 0 to 6 even when re-sorting the array, so the highlight doesn't move with the item.

How can I get the highlight to stick to the item it's originally at?

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one thing to realize about $index within ng-repeat filtered or sorted items, is not the original array index. For example if filter takes 10 items and cuts them in half, new $indexes will be 0-4 regardless of what original array indexes are. $index will be index of new filtered or sorted array used internally by angular – charlietfl Mar 30 '13 at 2:06
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You could also do this inline, so there's no need for controller code:

ng-class="{ highlight: result.size > 9000 }"

Working example:

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Thanks for the good answers, Josh and @jszobody. Choosing this one for elegance. – Swonkie Mar 30 '13 at 2:38

Rather than working off of an index, pass in the size property directly to classRow().

<tr ng-repeat="result in results | orderBy:predicate" ng-class="classRow(result.size)">

$scope.classRow = function(size) {
    return size > 9000 ? 'highlight' : '';

Working example:

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