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With Ruby Geocoder I am able to convert address to latitude and longitude and then display it with google static map. However, when trying to use gmap for rails I am getting a blank container.

view - html.erb Static Map

    <%= image_tag "{@location.latitude}%2C#{@location.longitude}" %>

When trying to replace the static map with gmaps4rails I add the following

    <%= yield :scripts %> 
    <%= gmaps4rails(@json) %>

I also added the necessities in my controller and model. An empty container displays and I feel like it's just not reading the data. I played around with some things I read, but I may not be understanding. Can someone help enlighten me?

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Can you show me a controller code? In particular, index and show actions –  Eugene Apr 6 '13 at 17:56

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Can you please try with replace


<%= yield :scripts %> 
<%= gmaps4rails(@json) %>


<%= gmaps4rails(@json) %>
<%= yield :scripts %>

I also faced same issue before. Solution is put <%= yield :scripts %> at the last line of your file.


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This is an old post and was solved, but thanks. I should've had put solution, but I dont remember what it was –  Russell Nov 8 '13 at 19:20

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