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How can I set datas with CKEditor (4.0) with CSS style ?

$quote = $editor + '<br />'+ 
        '<div class="quote">'+
            '<div class="quote-infos">'+
                '<i class="icon-comment icon-white"></i>'+
                ' <span class="quote-user">'+$user+'</span>,'+
                ' <span class="quote-date">'+$date+'</span> :'+

In this code, when I send the datas to a POST form, I just have <div><div><i></i><span...

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If you are using the new 4.1 CKEditor, it might be because of the new Advanced Content Filter feature. It nukes tags, attributes and attribute contents from content HTML, see demo. Turn it off by adding config.allowedContent = true to your config. More info on configuration in the API

You can test for this easily in your CKE instance by going to source mode, adding some attributes manually into the content, like <div class="MagicalPonies"><div><i></i><span... Then switch to wysiwyg mode and back to source mode. If your class definition is missing, it's most likely ACF. Also try to add a class like <img alt="X" class="left" src="" /> and see if that sticks. Standard CKE classes like that aren't removed.

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But doing a config.allowedContent = true will allow the <script> tags. No other option ? – Codel Mar 30 '13 at 14:30
ACF is configurable (far more than true). See docs to know more. You can also specify config.extraAllowedContent. – oleq Mar 30 '13 at 15:15
Thank you ! It works ! – Codel Mar 30 '13 at 17:47

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