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Is there a default way iOS names Them? I'm trying to find some sort of pattern to link them to an app name/bundleID so I can retrieve that apps information from the App Store search API. From what I've seen many apps process names are simply their name (eg Dropbox, Skype) but I figure someone has a better idea

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Hi jfisk! Did you ever manage to find pertinent results through the Search API? This approach is not very reliable for me so far. –  airpaulg Jan 18 at 5:41

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In the Info.plist of the App, the relevant key-pair name is CFBundleExecutable.

The default value is set to the Xcode project name (naturally, eg "Dropbox", "Skype", etc). Look at any app's Info.plist via Xcode or by opening up a packaged app.

Documentation for ${EXECUTABLE_NAME}: http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/DeveloperTools/Reference/XcodeBuildSettingRef/1-Build_Setting_Reference/build_setting_ref.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40003931-CH3-SW71

Source: I built iHasApp, an app-detection framework, so I spent a lot of time looking into what you're interesting in doing.

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