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I was developing Breeze JS To Dos app using ASP.net Web Api. When I request to the resource I'm getting "Metadata query failed for: odata/Todos/Metadata; NaN". But when I manually request to /odata/Todos/Metadata it works fine. Do you have any idea bout this?

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Can you show some sample code that isn't working? –  Patrick Steele Mar 30 '13 at 11:54

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var dataService = new breeze.DataService({
    serviceName: "http://localhost:2099/api/yourcontent/",
    hasServerMetadata: false,

var manager = new breeze.EntityManager({ dataService: dataService });
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I found the MaxDataServiceVersion header from datajs to cause 404s...


var oldClient = OData.defaultHttpClient;
var myClient = {
    request: function (request, success, error) {
        delete request.headers.MaxDataServiceVersion;
        return oldClient.request(request, success, error);
OData.defaultHttpClient = myClient;
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