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I'm having trouble generating a url form an object.

I have following code in my routes file:

match '(*path)/:name' => 'pages#show'

Which directs to my Page controller containing:

def show
    if params[:path] and params[:name]
      @page = Page.where(:path => params[:path], :title => params[:name]).first
    elsif params[:name]
      @page = Page.where(:path => "", :title => params[:name]).first

So in the case of localhost:3000/food/ will find the page where :path => "", :title => 'food'

And localhost:3000/food/pizza will find the page where :path => "food/", :title => 'pizza'

The problem is trying get a url generated from the a Page object. So link_to(@page.title, @page) returns:

undefined method 'page_path'

How do I get the route to work in reverse to generate a url form an object?

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You need to fall back to the 'old-style' link_to:

link_to @page.title, :controller => "pages", :action => "show", :path => @page.path, :name => @page.title %>

see: under examples

Also, check out to see if you realy want to go down that road with your routes

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Thanks, this works great - It breaks when path="" but an if clause removing the :path hash fixes that. – Ryan King Mar 30 '13 at 10:22

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