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I have a struts action which populates a field.

public ActionForward appForm(ActionMapping mapping,
    		ActionForm     form,
    		HttpServletRequest request,
    		HttpServletResponse response) {
  DynaValidatorForm dyna = (DynaValidatorForm) form;
  String identifier = (String) request.getParameter("id");
  ApplicationDTO app =  manager.getApplication(identifier);
  return (mapping.findForward("application.success"));  	

The form bean looks like:

<form-bean name="ApplicationForm" type="struts.ApplicationForm">      
    <form-property name="id" type="java.lang.String" initial="0" />
    <form-property name="firstName" type="java.lang.String" />

ApplicationForm extends DynaValidatorForm and it does some validation.

How do I access a struts form property value inside my jsp.

<html:text property="firstName" styleId="firstName" value="TODO Add code to access the form property fistName END TODO"/>


user the name attribute within the html:text tag. Name attribute specifies the name of an object (in any scope) whose field, specified by the property attribute will be used to populate this control with data. Example:

<html:text property="firstName" styleId="firstName" name="ApplicationForm"/>
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Here is another way to access properties in Dynamic ActionForm Beans if you want a plain text output:

<bean:write name="ApplicationForm" property="firstName"/>
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