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I run PHP as FCGI! I'm setting upload_tmp_dir option as value /home/domain.com/tmp. When executed phpinfo() for double-check it's confirmed that the settings above are correct.

Nevertheless, when actual upload in happening, the uploading file is temporarily going to /tmp directory with permissions apache:apache and when the upload is fully finished only then the uploaded file is being moved to the destination directory, which was set in upload_tmp_dir. After file is moved it has proper permissions which are domainowner:domainowner.

What's happening with FCGI as described above is absolutely wrong and different from what mod_php or CGI are doing! mod_php and CGI just start uploading a file directly to the upload_tmp_dir and then just rename the file after upload is finished.

I have few considerable concerns about this as follows:

Imagine, what happens if 20 people, finish uploading a file that is around 2GB, right at the same time? Uploaded files will have to be moved to the home directory from /tmp, creating a lot of useless load on file system! Thus, I thought that moving is much more resourceful rather than just renaming a file in the same directory?! Besides /tmp is mounted as ext3 and home as ext4 and what is even worse that /tmp partition is 16GB of space, which is total disaster from what I have imagined above?


How to force FCGI to use upload_tmp_dirdirective the same way as CGI or mod_php? I haven't found a documented way to change the temp directory it uses.

Please help!?

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This issue was discussed at bugs.php.net. The possible solution is that you need to set read attributes on any parent directory to where your tmp folder is, to make it work. It could be a security risk.

I would recommend creating a tmp in /home/tmp setting chmod 777 to both home and tmp

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This thread suggests that it may be due to a security level setting. If 'medium' then FCGI defaults to the system default.

Not sure what setting it is referencing though since it is referring to a desktop installation. I will do some digging.

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Well, my friend, thanks but no! I have checked those settings and played with them all ways possible! And like I said, CGI and mod_php are working correctly! So it's not suexec nor basedir settings. –  Ilia Rostovtsev Mar 30 '13 at 8:34
Nevertheless, the tread may be useful to someone. It describes (as you have) a situation where mod_php behaves as expected and fcgi defaults to the system temp dir. It also documents two possible solutions, one involving security/suexec and the other (which fixed the posters problem) as user permissions. –  PassKit Mar 31 '13 at 1:08
Thanks again, but unfortunately it doesn't solve a question at all, as none of those recommendations that are in that link are an issue! –  Ilia Rostovtsev Apr 1 '13 at 15:52

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