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Here I have a function

function photoLoop() {

When the page loads this function is called <body onload="photoLoop();>

At this point these functions are run until it reaches the end i.e show2R('4000');

My problem is I want it to now go back to fade1L('3000'); and start over.

How can this be done, with out crashing IE?

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3 Answers 3

Use the jQuery Effects library and make use of the 'callback' functionality


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Use setTimeout().

You can do

setTimeout(photoLoop, 1000); // call the function after 1 second.
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Instead of calling the function directly, do the following which will repeat the function at the specified interval:

setInterval(photoLoop, 1000);

Where 1000 is the interval to repeat the function in milliseconds. You will presumably want to set this to the total duration of these animations (21000ms at a guess).

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