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Hi Im using subversion on a freebsd machine.

With a project I have a couple of directories such as cache and a tmp folder used by Smarty. How do I exclude these folders from being committed ever? Also .project files from Eclipse is always added to the list to be commited. Can I also ignore that?


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The documentation might give you some insight.

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Use the svn:ignore property like this:

svn propedit svn:ignore ./some_path

It will open a text editor where you can specify a pattern (allowing * as a wildcard) of files to ignore.

If you use a GUI client for SVN or an IDE plugin, it should also allow you to ignore resources.

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You have two solutions for that.

The first one is (as suggested by Frank) to look into the documentation (more recent link) for a repository-specific solution, basically the idea is to add svn:ignore properties to directories that will ignore file patterns. This is local in your database, and will be ignored anywhere a checkout is made.

The second one is to globally ignore some patterns for one user with global-ignores. You can edit your Subversion client configuration file (its location depends on the platform - on Windows you can conveniently access it through TortoiseSVN menu). This is global for all the databases for one user on one machine.

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