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how to see my liferay table in mysql database? i have created portal-ext.properties in liferay home.but i cant see my liferey table mySql.. table is created in docroot/web-inf/sql in eclipse IDE... help me where i m wrong and which thing missing?

# MySQL 

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Are you looking for a plugin's table? Or for Liferay's tables? In case you are creating your own plugin: Do you use servicebuilder? –  Olaf Kock Mar 30 '13 at 14:19
@OlafKock i know the service builder. but when i created service.xml file and create table(eg.abc) in it. my table(abc) is not showing in mysql . should i have to create table manually? or using service.xml file will create table in mysql.. pls tell me how to do? –  Java D Apr 1 '13 at 4:43

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Tables created through service-builder will only be created once you deploy your plugin to the actual server (and run the server), not on build time. Also, your plugin needs to deploy correctly - if initialization fails (e.g. due to missing pieces or dependencies that are not met), the tables will not be created.

Also, the tables by default will be named with the namespace you gave as a prefix. So if you declare a namespace X (in service.xml) and an entity named Y, the table to look for will be named X_Y.

Also, remember you'll have to run ant build-services after you edited your service.xml. Then deploy it and wait for a log message similar "...your plugin... is available for use" to be sure it deployed correctly. (Edit: This is no longer printed for portlets, only for the other plugin types, so you might not see it when you deployed your plugin)

If this doesn't help, please give more information. Currently you don't give any details about what you've actually tried. You'll find more steps and details on the development guide.

Also, make sure

  • that the account you use for the database has CREATE TABLE permissions (you use root in your configuration above - that should do the trick)
  • that you're checking the correct database in case you have multiple
  • that Liferay actually picks up your configuration file. The startup log will tell you which portal-ext.properties files are read, as well as which database it will use. In case you can't find the name/location of your portal-ext.properties file, make sure that you indeed have a file with this name. A common problem on windows is that people create portal-ext.properties.txt (and Windows hides the .txt part of the name)
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hello tell me how many step i have to follow for small portlet with mysql connection? i have done following things. preferences->liferay->installed plugins SDK preferences->server->runtimeEnvironments any thing missing in my eclipse? –  Java D Apr 4 '13 at 4:29
hello.. as u say run "ant build-services" ,i run this from .right click on project->liferay->buildservices. is this correct? –  Java D Apr 4 '13 at 4:51
i cant create table in mysql from service.xml pls help me –  Java D Apr 4 '13 at 7:18
i cant get this msg..."your plugin... is ready for use" any thing is missing? –  Java D Apr 4 '13 at 9:25
Sorry, I've been mixing it up. The message originally is "... available for use" but it's no longer logged for portlets, only for hooks, themes and layout templates. So you won't see it. But you'll have to deploy the plugin and have the appropriate permissions on the database level to create tables. Note that you're mentioning "kportal" in your code above - make sure that you check the correct database in case you have several. And check the startup logs - you should find some information there which database is actually used. –  Olaf Kock Apr 4 '13 at 9:38

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