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Is there a limit of the length of an url hash parameter

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The hash is client side only, so the rules for HTTP may not apply to it.

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It's depends on browser you are using. I found that in safari, chrome and firefox, an url with a long hash is legal, but if it is a param send to server the browser will display an 414 or 413 error.

for example : an url like this : http://www.stackoverflow.com/?abc#{hash value with 100 thousand characters} will be ok. and you can use location.hash to get the hash value in javascript but an url like this : http://www.stackoverflow.com/?abc&{query with 100 thousand characters} will be illegal, if you paste this link in the address bar, an 413 error code will be given and the message is the client issued a request that was too long. if that is a link in a web page, in my computer, nginx response the 414 error message.

I don't know how about IE.

So I think, the limitation of length of url, is just for transmission or http server, the browser will check it sometimes, but all, and the hash always ok;

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