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Since there is no copy-paste example for getting last commit with libgit2 I thought I should add one. The examples in libgit2 make extensive use of git_oid_fromstr() ...

Don't forget that libgit2 is in full development at this time (March 2013) so have a look at official documentation and source code, as new features are added daily:

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git_commit * getLastCommit ( git_repository * repo )
  int rc;
  git_commit * commit = NULL; /* the result */
  git_oid oid_parent_commit;  /* the SHA1 for last commit */

  /* resolve HEAD into a SHA1 */
  rc = git_reference_name_to_id( &oid_parent_commit, repo, "HEAD" );
  if ( rc == 0 )
    /* get the actual commit structure */
    rc = git_commit_lookup( &commit, repo, &oid_parent_commit );
    if ( rc == 0 )
      return commit;
  return NULL;

You will need to call git_commit_free() once you are done with it.

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