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I need to know what happens in a TDBGrid when the dataset is calling enablecontrols. I understood that dataset is notifying the datasource, but I don't know what is called on the dbgrid component before the OnDrawCell event.

from db.pas the dataset is calling

  if (FDisableState <> dsInactive) and (FState <> dsInactive) then
    DataEvent(FEnableEvent, 0);

How the datasource is notifying the dbgrid about how many columns it needs to display?

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TDataLink > TGridDataLink – bummi Mar 30 '13 at 11:26
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DataSources are linked to data-aware controls via data links (TDataLink). Every data control creates a DataLink in order to respond to and to signal the attached DataSource.

The DataLink of a DBGrid is of type TGridDataLink which is created in TCustomDBGrid.CreateDataLink.

This is the call stack after TDataSet.EnableControls:

  • TDataSet.EnableControls calls TDataSet.DataEvent,
  • TDataSet.DataEvent calls FDataSources[I]).DataEvent for all attached data sources,
  • TDataSource.DataEvent calls TDataSource.NotifyDataLinks, which calls TDataSource.NotifyLinkTypes,
  • TDataSource.NotifyLinkTypes calls FDataLinks[I]).DataEvent for all attached data links,
  • TDataLink.DataEvent calls TGridDataLink.DataSetChanged or TGridDataLink.LayoutChanged, depending on what happened before EnableControls was called. An edit to a record is a dataset change; an addition of a field (column in the grid) is a layout change (among others),
  • TGridDataLink calls FGrid.DataChanged or FGrid.LayoutChanged,
  • TCustomDBGrid.LayoutChanged eventually calls TCustomDBGrid.BeginLayout,
  • TCustomDBGrid.BeginLayout delegates the update of the columns (count, titles, etc.) to the Columns property and calls Columns.BeginUpdate.

OnDrawCell takes place sometime in the future, when all layout changes are made.

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+1 and accepted – RBA Mar 30 '13 at 15:23

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