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I am getting 555 syntax error in mailfrom

SendData(tcpSocket, string.Format("MAIL From: {0}\r\n", MailFrom));
if (!CheckResponse(tcpSocket, 220))
return false;

is it the problem in my local system because of localhost? Please help me. I am using this code from below link.


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Do you actually have " in your code or should that be a double quote? –  Michael Perrenoud Mar 30 '13 at 11:11

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Please don't try to implement your own SMTP client, use the one that comes with .NET: System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient.

Many SMTP servers require TLS, for example, which your code does not account for.

Furthermore, for security reasons most mailservers will not reveal if an email address in an RCPT TO line is valid or not. If a system can positively reveal an address exists then it can be used by spam harvesters. Consequently using a dry-run of an SMTP client should only be used to validate an email address (because of the complicated rules regarding valid email addresses). The verification (a separate concept from validation) must be performed manually by requiring the user to respond to an email sent to that address, there is no other way to be sure.

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