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I have an issue with clearing my cache when back button is pressed.

My header information is saying i'ts loaded from cache:

Status Code:200 OK (from cache)

My response is set to:

$response = new Response;
$response->headers->addCacheControlDirective('must-revalidate', true);
$response->headers->addCacheControlDirective('allow_reload', true);

What am I doing wrong? None of the documentation methods seem to work...

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Taking advice from this article and setting listed Cache-Control directives worked for me - by pressing back button request to the server was always sent.

$response->headers->addCacheControlDirective('no-cache', true);
$response->headers->addCacheControlDirective('max-age', 0);
$response->headers->addCacheControlDirective('must-revalidate', true);
$response->headers->addCacheControlDirective('no-store', true);
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GREAT! Thank you very much Gatisl! Worked like a charm! –  rat4m3n Mar 30 '13 at 19:27
This is a lifesaver. FWIW, it works great with Silex as well as it uses Symfony2's HTTP components. –  neemzy Mar 11 '14 at 11:32

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