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Having an array of different types of items:

var items = [{{type:t1,text:"abc"},{type:t2,data:"123"}}]

and view models:

function T1VM(t1) { ... }
function T2VM(t2) { ... }

How can I use the mapping plugin to map items to an observable array of matching view models?

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What do you mean a "matching view model"? Do you want the first view model mapped to the second? Or the second to the first? Or do you have a third view model you want the other two mapped to? –  Patrick Steele Mar 30 '13 at 11:55
Objects with type: "t1" should be mapped to T1VM etc... –  Andreas Zita Mar 30 '13 at 13:20
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It was too easy!

var mapping = {
    create: function (options) {
        if (options.data.type == "T1")
            return new T1VM(options.data);
        else if (options.data.type == "T2")
            return new T2VM(options.data);

And then:

ko.mapping.fromJS(items, mapping);
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