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I am writing a Chrome plugin with a content script and a background script, and I am trying to make the two communicate.

In my content script, I am doing

chrome.runtime.sendMessage({greeting: "hello"}, function(response) {

and in my background script, I am doing

    function(request, sender, sendResponse) {
        console.log(sender.tab ?
          "from a content script:" + sender.tab.url :
          "from the extension");
        if (request.greeting == "hello")
            sendResponse({farewell: "goodbye"});

My manifest looks like this:

    "manifest_version": 2,
    "name": "Tesing Phase",
    "version": "1.0",
    "background": {
        "persistent": false,
        "scripts": ["bgscript.js"]
    "content_scripts": [{
        "js": ["contentscript.js"],
        "all_frames": true,
        "run_at" : "document_start",
        "matches": ["*://*/*"]
    "web_accessible_resources": ["script.js"]

When I run my plugin, I get the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'sendMessage' 

I tried logging chrome.runtime, and there was no method sendMessage. I am using version 25.0 of Chromium on Ubuntu. I tried using sendRequest as well, but it said it's depreciated and sendMessage should be used.

Can anyone point me out what I am missing here? Are there any permissions needed for this to work?

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chrome.runtime.sendMessage / onMessage (and other related events/methods such as connect) were introduced in Chrome 26.

If you want to write an extension which is compatible with Chrome 20 - 25, use chrome.extension.sendMessage.

A way to achieve optimal compatibility is to define the chrome.runtime methods yourself. For example, run the following code before the rest of your code (background/content script):

if (!chrome.runtime) {
    // Chrome 20-21
    chrome.runtime = chrome.extension;
} else if(!chrome.runtime.onMessage) {
    // Chrome 22-25
    chrome.runtime.onMessage = chrome.extension.onMessage;
    chrome.runtime.sendMessage = chrome.extension.sendMessage;
    chrome.runtime.onConnect = chrome.extension.onConnect;
    chrome.runtime.connect = chrome.extension.connect;

Then you can just use the latest API format:

// Bind event:
chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener(function(message, sender, sendResponse) {
    // Do something

// Send message:
chrome.runtime.sendMessage({greeting: 'hello'});

If you feel uncomfortable with modifying methods on the chrome.runtime object, you can use the following approach instead:

var runtimeOrExtension = chrome.runtime && chrome.runtime.sendMessage ?
                         'runtime' : 'extension';

// Bind event:
  function(message, sender, sendResponse) {
    // Do something

// Send message:
chrome[runtimeOrExtension].sendMessage({greeting: 'hello'});
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Thanks a lot.It worked using chrome.extension.I think this info is missing in the google chrome dev pages. –  user2182269 Mar 30 '13 at 14:33
this looks great, but is this methodology still valid for chrome versions up to 31? or would it need to be adapted? and does anyone know if the old deprecated message passing methods have been dropped entirely from the latest version of chrome –  user280109 Jan 3 at 17:22
@user280109 It's still valid. Though you could also just use chrome.runtime. without any compatibility layers, because hardly anyone uses Chrome 25- any more thanks to Google's auto-updater. –  Rob W Jan 3 at 17:23
@robw thanks man. btw i found out that some users are still using chrome25 as some linux distributions only have up to chromium25 in their repositories, i know its an edge case scenario, but something to think about i guess. with linux i think the autoupdating isnt so automatic, when using repositories. –  user280109 Jan 4 at 19:48
@user280109 No. onRequest/sendRequest was used in Chrome 19 and earlier. See stackoverflow.com/a/11811936/938089 for exact details. –  Rob W Jan 4 at 21:51
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