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I have the following deftemplates in CLIPS (6.3):

(deftemplate A ( slot a ) (slot b) )
(deftemplate forSearch (slot property)(slot value))

I need to read the pair (property, value) from input, and then find the fact A whose value in the slot property is value.

If I do something like this:

(defrule r2
(forSearch (property ?c)(value ?d))
(A (?c ?d))
(printout t "debug" crlf)

I get the following error:

[PRNTUTIL2] Syntax Error:  Check appropriate syntax for deftemplate patterns.

(defrule MAIN::r2
   (forSearch (property ?c) (value ?d))
   (A (?c

What should I do now?

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You have to write to slot name in the pattern matching part of the rule.

The correct sintax is:

(defrule r2
     (forSearch (property ?c)(value ?d))
     (A (a ?c) (b ?d))
     (printout t "debug" crlf)

I don't understand what you want to accomplish, and I know it's late, but hope it helps.

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It appears that he wants to be able to specify the A slot to be matched using the forSearch deftemplate so that there wouldn't need to be separate rules for each slot. That is, ?c could specify either slot a or slot b. –  bogatron Apr 6 '13 at 15:47
I don't think that's possible, according to the CLIPS manual, a wildcard cannot be the first item in a pattern. –  Chirila Alexandru Apr 7 '13 at 8:54
It might work if you use fact-slot-value –  Chirila Alexandru Apr 7 '13 at 8:59

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