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I got my app removed by Facebook last week.

Now I'm trying to build a new one correcting the problems, but I always get an error authenticating the user.

SECURITY WARNING: Sharing the above URL with anyone is the same as sharing your Facebook password with them - it will give them access to your Facebook account. Despite what you may have been promised, you will not receive cash, a gift card, or free airline tickets in exchange for this URL.

I'm calling the API this way:

My Facebok app config is:

I'm trying to use the same domain used in that removed app.
Does Facebook has a domain blacklist? I can't create a new app with that domain anymore (in the example "")?
Or am I just missing something in the settings?

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Yes , they probably block all the information related to your App and website.

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But when I received the email saying that they blocked my app, it says: "... However, if you'd like to launch a new version of your app with a new app ID and canvas URL, please first make adjustments to ensure you're providing a good user experience and meeting our policies.". So the developer can build a new app, but they didn't say about using the same domain... – Márcio Mar 30 '13 at 12:44
That's true because it's just like a warning. and they give you a chance to create another application. but for the information that had been used in the App ...would be recorded by them. I think you should try a different website to make sure the problem doesn't related to your webdeveloper account... – reaz Mar 30 '13 at 12:46
The problem was that my app was removed by Facebook. When this happens, Facebook puts the site domain in a black list. The solution was to redirect to the canvas page. – Márcio Jul 10 '13 at 11:22

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