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I am running windows 8 64 bit and using Code::Blocks as well as Eclipse as IDE for OpenCV v.2.4.4.

I am following the online tutorial at http://docs.opencv.org/doc/tutorials/core/basic_linear_transform/basic_linear_transform.html#basic-linear-transform

Whenever I include .dll.a files in opencv\build\x64\mingw\lib\ as well as required headers in opencv\build\include in my IDE settings and corresponding opencv\build\x64\mingw\bin in my PATH variable, I get compile time errors about undefined reference to opencv functions.

Whenever I include the corrosponding 32 bit dll files in my IDE settings and set 32 bit dll files' path in my PATH variable, the program compiles fine. But, when I open the .exe file, it says that 'libopencv_core244.dll is missing from your computer. Re-install the application.' The PATH variable being set correctly, I don't understand the problem..

I am digging up about this on the web as much as I can but still unable to fix this...please help...

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Stick with the 32bit DLLs in your IDE settings. Just be absolutely certain that Windows` PATH environment variable points to whatever directory holds libopencv_core244.dll. If that doesn't solve the problem, copy OpenCV's DLL to the same folder as your compiled .exe and try to open it again. –  karlphillip Mar 30 '13 at 19:49
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Rebooting after updating the PATH variable worked!

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