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I am trying to make chrome extension, that can recursively go trough the website and search for common error message strings (like "Error 500" etc.), for web developer testing.

The first step is get all links from the active tab. So, in my extension's background script I have this code snippet:

var $html = jQuery(html);

var links = [];

But output of this script is weird for relative links:

<a href=​"/​" id=​"logo">​</a>​

<a href=​"#top">About</a>​

<a href=​"/articles/applications/​1">​Web applications</a>​

Though element's href attribute has the value '/', dumped this.href outputs 'chrome-extension://kmldadmcjflefibfflbkpmgjdpklghfa/'.

How can I get link's href value without 'chrome-extension://blahblahblah/' ?

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Read the attribute rather than the resolved href, by using $(this).attr('href') or this.getAttribute('href') instead of this.href. – Rob W Mar 30 '13 at 14:27
Rob W: Thanks very much! I don't have any idea why $(this).attr('href') works and this.href not, but it solves my problem :-) – nanuqcz Mar 30 '13 at 14:37
Because this.href is a property which returns the resolved URL, and .attr or .getAttribute returns the attribute as set on the element. – Rob W Mar 30 '13 at 14:40

You are parsing your own extensions background page. Is that really what you want to do?

If your intention is to parse another page, use a "content script". It is extensively documented here:


Edit after your comment:

So you just want to get rid of "chrome-extension://..."?

var str = 'chrome-extension://kmldadmcjflefibfflbkpmgjdpklghfa/background.html#top';
var out = str.replace('chrome-extension://kmldadmcjflefibfflbkpmgjdpklghfa', '');

Or better yet, just get both name and URL from your "this".

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No, html is really from active tab. It is string, that contains HTML source from active tag. I am sure about that. The code above is only part of my script. – nanuqcz Mar 30 '13 at 14:02
Ok, your code will return 'background.html#top', but I want to get '#top'. So, I can manualy cut also 'background.html' text, but I think this is not clean way to do this. – nanuqcz Mar 30 '13 at 14:29

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