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It has been some time since I last set up PayPal payments on a website.

After I opened the new PayPal API and honestly, I am a little bit confused. At the moment, there is each new website considered by PayPal support?

On the following page,, I found Test credentials, but I want to set up Live credentials.

In the block with Live credentials, it is written:

Live credentials (currently for U.S. businesses)
We'll email you when your live credentials are ready.

How much it usually takes? And also, what everything is needed for being approved? Is there any way to make it faster or the only thing I can do is to wait?


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The first part of your question about new websites is unclear. But I would guess that the Classic APIs might be a better choice for your use-case, as the new RESTful API is still in a beta stage with limited features.

I see this is tagged as paypal-adaptive-payments. Adaptive Payments is its own separate API and you can read information on going live with it here:

For the second part of your question, I am not sure how long it takes but my best guess from similar processes is two business days (Monday-Friday)

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Live credentials are only available for US accounts right now as we currently only support America.

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