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I am working on an ASP.NET MVC project with the durandal template.

I am facing a problem and need some help to find the more elegant solution. I have a header bar (blue) and a sidebar (grey). Both contains an element (link) to create a new transport. In the screenshot below this is showed with the bullets 1 & 2.

enter image description here

My idea was to proceed like this:

  • When clicked these 2 links navigate to #/newTransport
  • In the activate of this module I call my datacontext to create an entity with initial values and get back with the id of the transport created
  • Next, (still in this activate) I navigateTo #detailTransport/:id
  • Then the detail of this newly created transport id displayed

Here is the code:

var activate = function () {
    var id = datacontext.createTransport();
    var url = '#/detailTransport/' + id;
    return true;

So this newTransport view is not really showed, I used this to have a link allowing me to create the transport before showing it.

My problem is that it works only the first time and furthermore it seems to break the router logic someway.

I noticed that if I move the code from the activate to a button inside the view, I don't have problem anymore.

So for resume: I need to execute some code (create an entity) before navigating to the detail of this entity. My attempt (explained above) does not seems to work.

Any idea?

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The first click should be a method in the viewmodel, not a route to activate and then redirect. Its likely confused on what you want. Navigatng in an activate is not std practice. Just make the first click bind to a method in the root vm. Then navigate.

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You are right: Navigatng in an activate is not std practice I changed my code. – Bronzato Mar 31 '13 at 14:01
Glad it worked ot for you! – John Papa Apr 1 '13 at 15:31

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