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I have this oracle procedure:

procedure ACCOUNT_STATMENT(p_customerid masteraccounts.customerid%type,

                             p_date1      date,

                             p_date2      date,

                             p_val1       out number,

                             p_val2       out number,

                             p_grid       out sys_refcursor)

and I'm calling it using PHP:

$DATE1 = "1-1-2013";
$DATE2 = "1-4-2013";
$ID = 53721;
$sth1 = $conn->prepare("CALL ISPPRO.USERPKG.ACCOUNT_STATMENT(:p_customerid, :DATE1, :DATE2, :p_val1, :p_val2, :p_grid)");
            $sth1->bindParam(":p_customerid", $ID, PDO::PARAM_STR);
            $sth1->bindParam(':DATE1', $DATE1, PDO::PARAM_STR); 
            $sth1->bindParam(':DATE2', $DATE2, PDO::PARAM_STR);
            $sth1->bindParam(':p_val1', $p_val1, PDO::PARAM_STR|PDO::PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT, 4000); 
            $sth1->bindParam(':p_val2', $p_val2, PDO::PARAM_STR|PDO::PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT, 4000); 
            $sth1->bindParam(':p_grid', $p_grid, PDO::PARAM_STR|PDO::PARAM_INPUT_OUTPUT, 4000); 
    $result = $sth1->fetchAll();

and I get this error:

    [0] => HY000
    [1] => 6553
    [2] => OCIStmtExecute: ORA-06553: PLS-306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'ACCOUNT_STATMENT'

What is the problem?

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You've got PDO::PARAM_STR everywhere. Tried replacing that with something that matches the procedure's parameters? –  Mat Mar 30 '13 at 13:41
@Mat , Yes, I tried few things but none of them working and I don't know how handle sys_refcursor in PHP –  SzamDev Mar 30 '13 at 13:51
possible duplicate of Procedures of Oracle in php with PDO, assuming the refcursor is your only problem (i.e. you know how to properly map the normal types). –  Mat Mar 30 '13 at 13:54
It may be your date format: "1-4-2013". Oracle is expecting a format string matching the NLS_DATE_FORMAT database setting. You can just define your format mask in the procedure call with a nested TO_DATE(:DATE1,'MM-DD-YYYY') (or whatever your format is). –  Wolf Mar 30 '13 at 15:35

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Have you created bind variable before calling this procedure in php. you are using :p_customerid,::DATE1 for output variable you must create bind variable or you can execucte this procedure in oracle

for example

var i number; \in oracle

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