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i coded a little program and i am currently in the process of making it work on different operating systems. My program heavily relies on the function count_nonzero introduced with numpy version 1.6 .

My primary workstation is Debian Linux with numpy (ver. 1.6.2) and scipy (ver. 0.11). However on windows the setup could involve older numpy version below 1.6, where the count_nonzero command isn't available. Therefore i am in need of a custom count_nonzero function which works on systems with older numpy versions.

def count_nonzero(self,array):

    if hasattr(numpy,'count_nonzero'):
        return numpy.count_nonzero(array)
    elif hasattr(scipy,'count_nonzero'):
        return scipy.count_nonzero(array)
        # Alternative ?

How can i achieve this?

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This should do the trick:

(array != 0).sum()
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thanks! It works and it is even slightly faster than my solution (0.08 sec to 0.01). – Curlew Mar 30 '13 at 17:06

Ahh, okay i found a solution, but i'm open to smarter alternatives :)

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