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I have created a listctrl with some of the data in the listctrl are very long, and instead of showing all of the text it ends with .... For example Att PSSM_r1_0_T is [-10.179077,0.944198]|Att PSSM_r1_0_Y is.... How would i be able to make it so it shows all of the text. Something like

Att PSSM_r1_0_T is [-10.179077,0.944198]|Att PSSM_r1_0_Y is [-4.820935,9.914433]|Att PSSM_r1_2_I is [-8.527803,1.953804]|Att PSSM_r1_2_K is [-12.083334,-0.183813]|Att PSSM_r1_2_V is [-14.112536,5.857771]|1

As the text is very long I would prefer if it covered more than one line.

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I don't think that is possible to do with a standard listctrl.

Try poking around at the UltimateListCtrl, being a full owner drawn listctrl it has the ability to change the way its looks far more than a standard listctrl.

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