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I am very very new to matlab, actually I only just got the program to run one code. A good friend of mine wrote a code for me however it doesn't seem to work, I have provided the link to the code and data files required, can anyone tell me what's wrong or fix it for me? Much thanks!

The error I am getting is:

Warning: No such number of days in the future exist for a 30/360 day-count basis. > In daysadd at 141 In CDS_PD at 35

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It appears that it is only a warning and is an inherent limitation of the "30/360 day-count basis" as used by the daycount function. As far as I can tell it just means that the calculated day is not unique in this basis. So it doesn't necessarily mean that the program is functioning incorrectly.


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Thank you Stuart, I realised it wasn't actually affecting the program. All good. Thanks again. – TrueTears Apr 1 '13 at 8:31
@TrueTears, if this answer solved your problem you should approve it. If not you could vote it up as it seems the answer was helpful. Useful link – KazimierzJawor Aug 4 '13 at 8:41

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