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I have a webserver running compojure. The webserver reads data from an XML file provided by another server. I don't want to bomb the provider of the file with requests and the XML file doesn't change too often, so I figured I need some kind of caching.

I could either store the XML file locally and refresh it every X minutes. The other way would be to reparse the original in the same time interval and store the file in memory? Maybe I can use refs or atoms for this? This process should probably run in a different thread. How would I configure this?

In the future I might have quite a big pool of these XML files that will all need updating.

Which would be the best way to do this?

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I think that you could start with core.memoize library:


Later on you can always move to something more sophisticated and separated from a JVM's memory - such as Redis or memcached.

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