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I am attempting to integrate the Modernizr browser test library into my website to test for what settings a browser supports. I would also like to use the integrated yepnope resource loader. I have read through modernizr's and yepnope's documentation thoroughly, but am not sure if I am setting things up correctly. My code so far is below. My two questions are is the way I have my code below set up to load all of the resources in parallel? Better question, could someone explain what order the example resources below will load in?

Also, if I'm wanting to load in scripts that are dependent on jQuery, would I put all of those in the jQuery 'complete'. I'm concerned if I did this, then they wouldn't download in parallel, right? Also, if I want to load in a script that is dependent on a stylesheet, did I do that correctly below?

Big thing for me is loading in as many of the resources as I can in parallel and then executing the ones that have dependencies in order. If someone could tell me how the order the below resources will load in, that would be a HUGE help in my learning! Thanks!!

    load: '../script_A.js'
}, {
    load: 'jquery-cdn.js',
    complete: function() {
        if (!window.jQuery) {
}, {
    load: '../script_B.js'
}, {
    load: ['script_C.css', 'script_C.js'],
    callback: function() {
            // Do something
}, {
    load: '../script_D.js'
}, {
    load: '../script_E.js'
}, {
    load: '../script_F.js'
}, {
    test: Modernizr.mq('only all'),
    nope: '../polyfill_mq.js'
}, {
    test: Modernizr.touch,
    yep: '../touch.js'
}, {
    test: Modernizr.deviceorientation,
    yep: '../orientation.js'
}, {
    // Polyfills for IE 6-8
    load: 'ie6!iegt6!ielt8!ie8!../ie-polyfill.js'
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You might find this useful stackoverflow.com/a/8499393/1156119 –  Daniel Imms Mar 30 '13 at 16:08
@DanielImms Thanks! That does help a lot. So is it better to include all of my scripts in separate { } tags or should I combine multiple scripts together in the same { } tags and load them in as { load: ['jquery_script_A', 'jquery_script_B', 'jquery_script_C', etc...] } ? Is this the same as doing: { load: 'jquery_script_A' }, { load: 'jquery_script_B' }, { load: 'jquery_script_C' } ? Which of those two setups is better/most efficient? –  kaffolder Mar 30 '13 at 16:22
Finding the article was the end of my research, was a little TLDR :P –  Daniel Imms Mar 30 '13 at 16:36

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