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I am new in mysql stored procedures. I am facing problem in following code where first two insert queries are executing continuously and inserting data upto 2100 at single fire. Need some help.

use database;

    IN timegenerated DATETIME,
    IN timereported DATETIME,
    IN syslogfacility smallint(6),
    IN syslogpriority smallint(6),
    IN tag VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg2 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg3 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg4 INT(11),
    IN msg5 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg6 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg7 VARCHAR(255), 
    IN msg8 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg9 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg10 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg11 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg12 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg13 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg14 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg15 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg16 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg17 VARCHAR(255),
    IN msg18 VARCHAR(255))
      ( '','',timegenerated,timereported,

    INSERT INTO `SORTED_DATA` values(msg10,msg7,100)
      on duplicate key update hits=hits+1;  

    IF (msg14=0) THEN 
      INSERT INTO `UNCATEGORIZED_DATA`(`col1`, `col2`) VALUES (msg10,24);   
      INSERT INTO `CATEGORIZED_DATA`(`col1`, `col2`) VALUES (msg10,25);
    END IF;         


trying to separate data and store it in different tables.

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Your code has not loops in it. The multiple inserts are caused either by multiple calls to this code or by triggers on the tables. Those are the places to look for the cause. –  Gordon Linoff Mar 30 '13 at 16:22
What kinds triggers? I have tried this code on two fresh newly creted databases but i got same result when i write first two insert queries after end if it runs with out issue but i lose some data –  Prathamesh Tambe Mar 30 '13 at 18:49
I am getting error of 'following query has failed Mysql said:#1062 - duplicate entry for key PRIMARY on phpmyadmin –  Prathamesh Tambe Mar 31 '13 at 11:01
hey solved issue it is going in loop because i have create primary key on categorized table when its try to insert data on that table it stops inserting and sends me error ' failed Mysql said:#1062 - duplicate entry for key PRIMARY on ' so i removed primary key from that table now its working fine. Thanx for Try. :) –  Prathamesh Tambe Apr 1 '13 at 4:20

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