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I am trying to record video through Kivy (http://kivy.org/#home) and am not sure what direction or libraries to use.

Currently I have the camera widget working with the code below, which gets the camera to display on the screen, but I am not sure how to get it to record and save the video file. Any help is greatly appreciated!

class MyApp(App):
          # Function to take a screenshot
          def doscreenshot(self,*largs):

          def build(self):
                camwidget = Widget()  #Create a camera Widget
                cam = Camera()        #Get the camera
                cam=Camera(resolution=(640,480), size=(500,500))
                cam.play=True         #Start the camera

                camwidget.add_widget(button)    #Add button to Camera Widget

                return camwidget

if __name__ == '__main__':
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Kivy support only playing video / camera widget. There is nothing in the framework for encoding video and save it into a file.

Try to use directly gstreamer instead, maybe you'll have more chance.

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