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I am using AutoIT to automate installation of a software. In a window, I am being shown with 2 radio buttons, say radio1 and radio2. By default the radio2 is selected. The default control is on radio2 radio button. I have to select the radio1. I am able to make the control go to the radio1 by using Send("{TAB}") as many times so that the control goes to the radio1 but I am not getting what should be the command to click on the first radio button. The SEND("{ENTER}") doesnt work in this condition. Please guide.

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You mean by using Send("{TAB}") you are able to give focus to the radio buttons (the dotted line) but you can't activate them? If this is the case then you can try Send("{SPACE}") to activate the proper radio-button.

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The default control is on radio2 and i need to select radio1. Send("{TAB}") had been working to focus on radio1 button but now I am unable to do that. I am not getting what is going wrong. I know its vague an explanation. I have tried to locate any control for the radio button in the AutoIT v3 Window Info but all I get is the window title, class, position, size, style, Exstyle and Handle. –  priti Mar 31 '13 at 17:57
Send("Space") After focussing it is the solution... –  Samoth Mar 31 '13 at 23:23
I think Johannes meant Send("{SPACE}"). Without the curly brackets it will send the letters s-p-a-c-e –  Fidel Apr 2 '13 at 16:29
Yeah, just like I wrote it in my answer. –  mrt Apr 2 '13 at 18:46

As you'd know, using ControlCommand is better practice than Send. I understand that you found it difficult to get the control's ID using AutoIT v3 Window Info, which happens some times. There are some other good window information tools I use in those circumstances: winspector / AccExplorer32.exe / inspect32.exe / WindowHandlePicker.exe.

You have several options:

1) Use the following snippet and increase the number in CLASSNN until you get the right checkbox:

ControlCommand("Options", "", "[CLASSNN:Button5]", "Check")

2) Some of the window info tools listed above tell you the shortcut key for the control (eg. alt+u). If that's the case, it's sometimes possible to send the shortcut without specifying the control:

ControlSend("Options", "", "", "!u")

3) Using _CtrlGetByPos, get the control's ID/CLASSNN/Handle then use it in a ControlClick.

4) Just use Send("{SPACE}") as mrt's mentioned

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