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Currently, I have this line in a Markdown file detailing command output:

1\. Work (00:10:00)  
    1\. Mail letter (00:05:00, Est. 00:03:00)  
      Send letter to Foo Bar  
2\. Personal (00:02:00)

However, when I preview the Markdown file, all of the whitespace is disregarded. How do I preserve this whitespace?

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Markdown is used primarily to generate HTML, and HTML collapses white spaces by default. Use   instead of space characters.

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Doesn't work inside code block   – Vlad Shevchenko May 26 at 9:58
  1. Create a new file Markdown.sublime-settings in the Packages > User (in mac OSX, Preferences → Browse Packages...) if it already does not exit.

  2. Add the following content in the Markdown.sublime-settings

        "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": false  

Note: you can do this same trick with any other language specific settings you'd like to create).

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That's good but the OP never mention he or she is using sublime. – S4M Apr 9 at 13:25

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