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I am trying to get started with the Kinect SDK Programming with VB.NET. To help myself out I've been searching the web for a while to find some good references with VB.NET, but all I could find so far are using weather C++, C#, or OpenNi. So are there any good VB.NET tutorials or e-books for Kinect SDK you would like to share? Thanks a lot.

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http://kinectforwindows.codeplex.com/ provides examples in multiple languages, including VB.net. Additionally, there is the Kinect for Windows Toolkit which can be found on the same page as the SDK download. These examples are the best way to learn how to interact with the Kinect.

Many online tutorials are for older SDK versions and do not directly translate. They can end up causing more confusion then education. Stick with the above example code, and Toolkit examples, and you have the best source of information.

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